Friday, July 2, 2010

Cultural Differences #3: Menyanyi!

Indonesians love to sing - karoake is a national obsession. At every group event, somebody's always busting out some song or another, and they're perplexed as to why the Americans are hesitant to join in. (I for one need a couple of stiff drinks before I'm game for that, and, well, not in this country you don't.) Case in point: my host dad, who (I think?) is semi-retired, spends his afternoons in the special music/karaoke room in the house (yup, they've got a karaoke room) singing his heart out to easy-listening versions of classic American pop. Last Thursday when I was home sick with Gajah Mada it was Sinatra (My Way, which I'm told can get you killed in the Philippines), Billy Joel (Don't Go Changin'), Burt Bacharach, Clapton. This morning at around 9:30 (late excursion last night; no class till 11) he started in with 'Can You Feel The Love Tonight' from The Lion King. We'll see where it goes from here.

On a somewhat related note, on the bus home from Mt Kawi last night, they played a techno dance mix of the Titanic theme (which I haven't heard in any form for maybe 10 years). That exists?!?

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  1. Jesus Em...that's killer. Techno Celine Dion, it was bad enough when we had to listen to the version with voice clips from the movie inserted.

    Nightmare of nightmares!