Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More Cultural Differences...

Last night we went to Toko Oen, Malang's oldest restaurant from back when the Dutch ran the place, for Kiley's birthday. Cool resto, with rattan chairs and a mixed Dutch/Indonesian menu. My plans for a ham, egg, & cheese sandwich were thwarted when they ran out of ham, but at the bottom of the page was a section for 'Toast Plates - Flying Saucers'. Not entirely sure what that meant, but it sounded interesting. I couldn't decide between chicken, egg, or cheese (chocolate was also an option), so I went for the kombinasi (combination), expecting a plate with three or four pieces of toast with different toppings. Instead I got a single hamburger bun, cooked inside an iron to press the edges shut. Inside was a combination - of chocolate sprinkles and cheese. Not bad, actually, but not quite the dinner I'd been expecting. I ordered a bihun goreng to round it out.

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