Monday, August 1, 2011

Adventure of the Day

I was on my way into town this morning to go to the ATM so I could pay my rent - no bank transfers here; it’s all in cold hard cash – when there was a minor incident on the motorbike. I was on an ojek (motorcycle taxi), sitting sidesaddle, since that’s the far less awkward way to go in a skirt, heading down the hill, when suddenly there was a stopped van in ahead of us. I was looking off to the side so I don’t know if it stopped suddenly or just suddenly came into view, but anyway there it was. And the motorbike in front of us, instead of just passing, stopped alongside the van. So to avoid crashing headlong into the other motorbike, which I was pretty convinced we were about to do, my driver swerved to the right, which put my legs in between the two bikes, and there wasn’t much in between to put them in. My front foot swiped against their foot rest while my back foot got knocked back against our rear wheel and knocked around a bit in the spokes, and I lost my balance completely on the seat, so even after we pulled past we wobbled a bit, and I wouldn’t have been surprised if I’d slid right off. Anyway, no real damage done – a scuff on one sandal, a little spot of rug burn (footrest burn?) on the other foot, my adrenaline rush for the day but no blood or tears. Still, I’m hoping the next ride falls more on the boring side.

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