Monday, August 1, 2011

Papua Burgers

Following last week’s smashing success with the spaghetti, this Sunday I made burgers. Virgine, who requested them, was out swimming, but there’s leftovers for when she comes back tonight. Hadi Mart was didn’t have ground beef, but it did have ground chicken and chunks of beef, so I got both and in true me style used a blend. I probably could have gotten ground beef at the market, but somehow I haven’t made it there yet and I didn’t want to make a second trip. The knives at home still sucked, but Ibu was home and she knows where the whetstone is kept, so that (mostly) solved that problem. I cut off most of the fat, since frankly it was turning funny colors in places, and between the two of us we got the beef minced pretty fine. That went in a bowl with the chicken, a little olive oil, salt & pepper, minced onion & garlic, and after tasting some saus Inggris (literally ‘English sauce’, but it smelled Chinese to me; I’ll have to google it), and a little soy sauce. (I know hamburger purists are probably cringing right now; you don’t like it you can come out to Papua yourself and make ‘em however you like.) The patties went in a pan in the oven, or rather a metal box that gets set on top of the burner and used for roasting that’s the closest there is to an oven here. Then to finish, set on a little grill rack over a flame to get that smokiness, with Kraft American slices to melt on top - I’m going authentic here, not classy. I put them out with slices of tomato & cucumber, a roll sold at Hadi Mart as ‘hamburger buns’ with sesame seeds on top, and a bottle of ketchup. The burgers turned out tiny, and the buns were a little sweet, and way too big for the burgers, but call it sliders on potato rolls and you’ve got the idea. This time I was craving them less, but the flavor was spot-on, especially since I usually mix Worcestershire sauce and salsa and all sorts of odd things onto my burgers anyway. Tasted like the Fourth of July – better late than never.

Photos here and here.

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